Our story begins in 1747 with our ancestor, who decided to invest in a piece of land to work the vineyard. It is with great fascination and curiosity that he cultivates the vine to harvest its fruit, the grape. This passion has been transmitted from generation to generation until today. Seven generations later, the Domaine works 13ha of vines, spread over 5 communes and a hundred or so plots of land.

Today, Michel Fonné has been at the head of the estate since 1989. He himself took over from his uncle René Barth, an independent winemaker, by adding his parents' land, winegrowers.


Trained as an oenologist and a graduate of Dijon, Michel acquired the techniques of champagne winemaking in Damery before leaving for the American continent, in California for the vinification of a vintage. The discovery of new methods, different techniques and ancestral know-how, through numerous experiences, allowed him to return to the family estate with new energy and daring ideas to create wines mixing tradition and modernity.

Ambitious and curious, Michel has introduced the estate's wines to new markets. And with his perseverance and numerous trips (more than 3 months a year abroad), the estate is represented in about thirty countries around the world: Belgium, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Lithuania in Europe; the United States, Brazil and Canada; on the Asian side, China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and India.